Wally Gibbins at Heron Island in the early 1960’s was the star adventure diver welcomed by management.

(The late) Walter Hamilton Gibbins and John Sumner were partners in a Solomon Islands adventure and shipwreck salvage plan.  A suitable vessel was purchased and was being fitted for deep water salvage when Wal, sadly, passed away at his home base of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

Wally Gibbins pictured at Sawtell N.S.W. (1990)

The shark fight was at the height of JAWS movie hysteria, involving a White Pointer shark in a cage. Originally offered to Ben Cropp who declined due to ear problems, the job was passed to Wally who was helping Ben discover shipwrecks at the time and appearing in Ben’s documentaries.

The stunt would have paid Wally $1 Million  in 1976 had the promoter not had a heart attack.   A Tiger shark would have been substituted for a White Pointer shark if one could not be caught.

A captive shark in a cage is a sitting duck.  Little truth was known of White Pointer sharks in 1976.

The RSPCA and other groups were vigorously opposing the plan.